3rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology 2021 | Medical Video Courses.

3rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology 2021

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3ydd Cyfarfod Gwyddonol Blynyddol Cymdeithas Niwroradioleg Bediatreg America 2021

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We have a compressed one-day program lined up for you that brings you the LIVE lectures from top speakers in our field. Expect to hear in-depth lectures on core and critical topics, punctuated by our ever-popular Rapid-Fire Sessions. Panel sessions, including a comprehensive review of pediatric CNS manifestations of COVID-19 by international experts in the field, will be featured. From a practical perspective, as the ABR has reduced SA-CMES requirements, you can meet your annual SA-CMES educational requirements in the first month of the year — “One and Done” — Happy New Year! We plan to offer 7.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and 6 SA-CMES credits for this one-day meeting. To tie a bow on it, the meeting will be concluded with our ever-popular Pediatric Neuroradiology Gameshow with big prize money- winner takes all and your name lives in infamy!
This year’s program includes:
• 1 day of solid pediatric neuroradiology education

• Updates in trending topics in Pediatric Neuroradiology

• Expert Lectures by top leaders in the field delivered LIVE

• An opportunity to connect with our community online in the time of COVID-19

• Interaction and connection with our greater pediatric neuroradiology community

Educational Objectives : 

• Identify commonly encountered brain, neck, and spine disorders in children.

• Explain general concepts related to pediatric epilepsy, developmental anomalies of the face, and spinal dysraphisms.

• Describe diagnostic imaging nuances of hypothalamic abnormalities and differential considerations.

• Know the proposed changes to the WHO brain tumor classification as it relates to children.

• Describe emerging considerations to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of CNS complications related to COVID-19 infections in children.

• Discuss characteristics of arteriovenous shunts in the brain in children.

• Know the parameters of the newly proposed pediatric stroke trial for children and understand how it may further understanding of the treatment window.

• Know the current imaging approach to children with Moya Moya disease and the prognostic significance of imaging abnormalities related to this disease.

Pynciau a Siaradwyr:


– COVID 19 Epidemiology in Children

– COVID 19 CNS Cliincal Features in Children

– COVID 19 CNS Imaging in Children

– Faces and Phenotypes

– Hypothalamus Lesions

– Hypothalamus Lesions

– Kids are not small adults

– Moya Moya Angiography

– Moya Moya Imaging

– Moya Moya Management

– Moya Moya Surgery

– MRI of Neonate in NICU

– Name the syndrome

– Pediatric Arteriovenous Shunts

– Pediatric Epilepsy

– Pediatric MRI Safety

– Rapid Fire 1

– Rapid Fire 2

– Spinal Dysraphism

– ASPNR Coming & Going

– Texas Rapid Fire

– WHO Brain Tumors Update

Date of Releasse : Ionawr 9th 2021 


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